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Cole Creative Arts Camp

Immersive Online Summer Camp Experience!

Six One-Week Live Sessions

June 1st-July 10th  |  M-F 9am - Noon PST  |  $150 per week

* For 1 day free trial please email

Combining Doug's Drama and Cole Dance for a captivating, online, creative arts experience! Immersive storytelling, theater & improv activities, creative games, dancing and drumming will ensure fun and imagination. Campers will be physically active and engaged in movement, music and storytelling daily!

We guide campers creativity in ways that are intuitive to him or her and reinforce  a limitless, diverse spectrum of expression and abilities. Imagination is a tool of infinite possibilities that will help them excel in anything they pursue or are challenged by in life  with the mental, physical technique to make feelings manifest in positively impactful and uniquely creative ways.

Doug's Drama

One of the Bay Area's most popular drama and storytelling camps for over 20 years in the Bay Area!

Click here to learn about Doug.

Cole Dance

In its third year of Cole Dance Camp. Over a decade educating youth in dance and music. Professional performer & arts educator. For more see Andre Cole

Click HERE for inspiring dance and music resources!

- Theater improv, skits, dress-up

- Create and perform their own story

- Design their own funny commercial 

- Daily dancing including hip hop/breakdancing, jazz/contemporary, afro-Brazilian/Capoeira

- Drumming & Percussion. Use drums at home or build your own drum set from household materials

- Live music including djembe drums, harmonica, keyboard and other percussion and more

- Live performance every Friday incorporating dance choreography + freestyle, theater skits and drumming!

- New stories, dance lessons and music patterns each week! 

- All levels & personalities welcome.

- Fun, relaxed, low-stress: mistakes encouraged for learning and creativity

- Exclusive access to on demand recorded classes for continued learning with clear quality video and audio

Camp Overview

Doug will tell his most popular comic stories about his childhood and years as a classroom teacher, plus favorite myths, legends and fairy tales from around the world. Children will also develop their own original stories both individually and as a group.


André will teach and inspire kids through individual expression of dance move and freestyle techniques, dance battles and group choreography. Students will learn body percussion and get to design their own household drum sets to play fun rhythmic patterns!

Note in regard to the times

While sad we cannot teach in person, it is the creative fortitude that guides our purpose as performing artists and arts educators. We believe it is a testament to human imagination that we can create so much happiness, learning and growth with our bodies, voices, surroundings and everyday materials - it doesn't take fancy equipment or space, just curiosity, focus and willingness to try. 

In this new online community we know how vital interaction is so we have designed a curriculum that ebbs and flows through high and low energy activities to entice mental, musical, physical and verbal skill sets and infinite creative possibilities.

We are providing several highly engaging activities for the kids to laugh, dance, listen and contribute creatively to. Students have opportunities to interact with one another, rather than feel isolate in front of a screen and pressured to only mentally focus. Movement and silliness are great way to learn, while having fun. 

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein

Freestyle Dance

Freestyle Dance

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