Doug teaches after school classes at a number of  public and private schools in Oakland, Moraga, and Orinda. He teaches classes for both younger and older elementary aged children, and has special classes for kindergarten and 1st graders that include drama, storytelling, and music. Some of our favorite productions are "THE ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKERS", "THE 3 LITTLE PIGS", "JACK AND THE BEANSTALK" and "THE LITTLE RED HEN".

Classes for older elementary students can take several forms.The  class can be production based, which culminates in a full length play which is presented at the end of the session. These are all plays written by Doug Cole and include such recent productions as "Thor's Lost Hammer", a comedy based on a popular Norse myth; "Stinky Lake", a comedy based on a Indian folk tale; "The Emperor's Nightingale", from the famous story by Hans Christian Andersen and "Premsaland", an original fairy tale. These productions run about one hour. Classes run from 10-12 weeks, and generally are 90 minutes to two hours per week.

Doug also offers classes that are more focused on theater games, creative drama, video, skits and storytelling. These do not culminate in a production and are more workshop based. These classes are fun, creative, low stress and have proven to be very popular. Often a school will choose to do one semester of this type of class and the next semester do a production oriented class.