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Doug has been perfecting the art of storytelling to children for over 25 years. He has a wide variety of stories in his repertoire, and can tailor an assembly for a particular school. Doug's stories include comedy, folk and fairy tales, and myths and legends from around the world.

Doug's comic stories from his childhood are particular favorites of children, as are his original fantasy stories and fairy tales. 


He has an especially rich collection of  tales from ancient India, China and Norse mythology that tie in nicely with many schools' social studies curriculum.

Doug is a highly accomplished harmonica player, and often integrates some music into his assemblies

Assemblies are generally organized for k-2, and grades 3-5. Assemblies run about 45 minutes and the content of the assembly is agreed upon by Doug and school staff. Price of assembly is flexible and is determined by length of program and number of assemblies at the school. Doug also does storytelling at preschools and  birthday parties, that include music, movement and a lot of hilarity.

Since the beginning of my teaching career, I saw the power of stories to engage, transform, educate and delight. Rarely a day went by in my classroom when I wasn't spinning some kind of tale. If I forgot, or got too busy, the kids would plead with me "How about a story Mr C.-pleeease!"

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