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What People Say

My daughter attended Doug and Andre's summer camp last summer and had a blast. She loved the variety of drama, puppetry, storytelling, dance, drumming and the great creative and fun spirit of the camp. Doug and Andre make a great father-son team. She'll be back this summer for sure. I have heard they are adding a great art teacher in 2022, so that will make a great camp even better! She can't wait!

- Susan Patton-Summer 2021


Our kids attended several sessions of the camp in 2021 and they really enjoyed it and want to go back this summer. They hopped into the car at the end of each day and told us all about the new dance moves they learned from Andre and the drumming he taught them. And then they told us how hilarious Doug is and breathlessly repeated his comical stories. It was great to see them so happy! Doug and Andre are amazing teachers!!

-Jamie White- Summer 2021

Mr. Cole, the director of the camp, is a wonderful, creative, gifted, and very kind teacher. We only have wonderful things to say about him and his camp. Over the years my step-children have attended his camp or taken after school classes. They rave about him and his camp. They've also developed passion for both theater and storytelling, thanks to Mr. C, as the children call him. We highly recommend it.

 - Jen Parker - SUMMER 2006, 2007, 2008

My children attended Doug's Drama from kindergarten all the way through 8th grade. From his imaginative storytelling to his inclusive and original plays, they had a blast each and every time. Each summer this was their "go to" summer camp. As a parent, the best part was seeing my once shy and reserved kids turn confident and experimental in their approach to most things-all based on Doug's ability to bring out the best in them.

  - Candance Apple

Doug's plays are truly outstanding. He is a highly imaginative, funny and talented playwright and director who knows
exactly what kids enjoy. His plays have all the qualities you would want in a children's production-adventure, meaning, fantasy, a little danger and a lot of goofy humor. Doug always manages to find the right part for the right kid and watching the kids perform is a delight. It's obvious they are having a ball! And he is a brilliant storyteller. In all my years working in schools, I have never met a teacher who is more naturally gifted with kids than Doug!
  - Sandra Delay - Former Asst. Head, St Paul's Episcopal School, Oakland

Doug's plays are all fun, imaginative, meaningful and sweet. He finds a way to include all the kids in a way that seems to suit each one of them, and the plays are a delight for the kids and the parents.

  - John Walker - parent- 2008, 2009, 2010

This will be my daughter's third year in Doug's Drama (her older brother loved Doug's Drama and was a camper for many years). She had a super enjoyable experience last year and looks forward to returning. Doug does an amazing job with all types of personalities, bringing out the performer in everyone. The plays are humorous and age appropriate, and each day includes plenty of outdoor playtime and funny storytelling by Doug. Doug also offers the convenience of paying in installments for families dealing with the shock of summer camp expense!
  -  Rachel Levine - 2018

My daughter has attended Doug's Drama for three summers and will be attending again this year. She loves it and it is one of the highlights of her year! It's amazing the quality of the production the kids pull off in two weeks! The kids work hard, but boy do they have fun!

   -  Margie Hansen- Parent

My 6 year old  is very shy and I was reluctant to enroll her in Doug's Drama. I spoke to Doug about this and he said, "I'm good with the shy ones". I took a chance and was amazed how much she loved the camp. She came home the first day
and said, "Mr.C is hilarious!". She did a great job in the performance and her self-confidence improved quite a bit. We have already signed her up for this summer and she can't wait!

   - Julia Wright - Summer 2012

Henry loved camp, just as he did last year. So many wonderful moments!

   - Meghan Laslocky - Parent 2017, 2018

I was concerned that my 13 year old son would find the camp boring with too many younger kids. Boy was I wrong! He loved it! Doug found just the right part for him and he had a great two weeks!
   -Molly Wells- 2013

My son loved the whole camp experience. He had never done drama before and was a little unsure at first. But by the third day, he was totally jazzed about his parts in the play (he had five parts), and worked everyday on learning his lines (a total shock to me and my husband). The performance was fantastic and I was amazed to see how loose and confident my son (and all the kids) were. And he adored Doug's stories, which he repeated to us at dinner every night!

   - Jeannie Wilson- Parent 2015, 2016

If you have a chance to enroll your kid in Doug's Drama-do it!! The fabulous plays, the storytelling, improv and creative drama-just
great! I don't know how Doug does it, but the man is some kind of wizard with kids of all ages. My kids adore him and his camp! They are in college now, but they still talk about the great summers they had in Doug's Drama!

   - Angela Watkins- Parent 2011, 2012

I am so beyond grateful. Daniel loves being in your class And he especially loves the improv.
   - Therese Livingston- Redwood Hts Parent

My kids have attended Doug's camp for several years and it is always the highlight of their summer. The shows are great and all the kids have a blast. Doug makes it so fun for all of them. The kids love his storytelling too. Doug tells these great stories about when he was a kid that the kids repeat to me word for word when they get in the car.
    - Michael Williams- parent- 2016, 2017

My daughter is shy and was really nervous the first day of camp. When I came to pick her up that afternoon I asked, "How was it?" She had a big grin and said "Great!". And she loved going everyday, She told me, "Doug is super funny". The play was fantastic and yes-very, very funny!
   - Ann Clarkson- parent 2014

One thing I really appreciated about the camp was that is was fun, and low pressure. The production was fantastic but all the kids seemed to love it and were clearly having a great time. Doug knows how to keep it light, but he gets the best out of the kids!
   - Jason Lewis- Parent- 2013

Doug is a highly creative, sensitive and engaging teacher. The kids adore him and I always heard nothing but great things about him from all the parents. The plays he does are fantastic and he is a truly gifted storyteller!
   - David Forbes-Founder and Former Head of School- St. Paul's Episcopal School, Oakland

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